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Here’s a quick guide to using our Mobile App:

On this screen you can view your total credit limit and your spending dial which shows the amount you owe and the amount you can use. There are two icons at the top right of your screen, a ‘?’ icon and a ‘person’ icon:
 The ‘?’ icon takes you to our help centre (which you are in now)
 The ‘person’ icon takes you to where you can update your personal details such home address, telephone number, email address or change your password

Manage how and when to move money to and from your credit card by selecting the Payments icon, you can:
 Set up a new direct debit or change the amount of your direct debit payment
 Transfer a balance from another credit card or move money to a bank account in your name
 Set up a new Instalment Plan (you’ll see if this option is available to you in this screen)

For other ways to make a payment see here.

You can also request a balance or money transfer in here too, and if eligible, create an instalment plan. For more on instalments, click here.

In the Card screen you can manage all your card needs in once place, you can:
 Temporarily freeze your card if you think you may have lost it
 Report your card as lost or stolen
 Replace a damaged card
 View your PIN instantly
 Manage your credit limit
 Add another Virgin Money credit card to manage in the Mobile App

If your Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank or B credit card recently had a Virgin Money makeover and you have another Clydesdale, Yorkshire or B card you can now add these.

How to view your PIN
How to freeze your card
How to report your card lost, stolen or damaged

You’ll find a list of what you have spent when using your card, since your last statement. If you have used you card to spend recently, a ‘csv’ icon will show in the top right corner. Select the icon to download a copy of your recent transactions.

You’ll also be able to download a copy of your recent and historic statement by clicking ‘your statement’ at the top of the page.

How to download your statement

This screen shows you more of what you can do in the mobile app or how to get more help. From this screen you can:
 View your statements
 Access the Cards Help Centre
 View your Credit Card Terms
 Manage your Mobile App settings (where you can set up face id, manage phone notifications and marketing permissions)

For more help when using your Virgin Money Credit Card app go to our Support Guides here

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