Section 75 is a way to make a claim against your credit card provider when a company that you’ve paid using your card has let you down. When you make a Section 75 claim about travel, holiday or an event that’s been cancelled because of Coronavirus, we’ll check that all of these things have happened before we can refund you:

 You used your card to pay the company providing your travel, holiday or event directly.
The money usually needs to have gone straight from your credit card account to them.

 The travel, holiday or event was for your benefit. 
For example, your claim might not be successful if the additional cardholder paid and you weren’t travelling or if you were paying for someone outside of your family to go.

 The total amount of the travel, holiday or event you paid the company for was more than £100 but less than £30,000. 
You don’t have to have paid for it all using your credit card though – just part of it.

 The company let you down by failing to do something that they had to do as part of their contract with you. 
It’s important you check the terms and conditions, especially about cancellations, refunds and re-booking. If the company offers you a voucher or the ability to re-book, you won’t usually be able to raise a claim under Section 75 if their terms and conditions allow that.

 You’ve lost out financially as a result. 
You can make a claim for all of the money you’ve lost – even if that’s more than what you spent using your credit card.

If your booking hasn’t been cancelled, check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) current travel restrictions for guidance and advice. There are different travel restrictions depending on your destination and dates of travel. So if your date of travel or event goes beyond the dates mentioned in the FCO’s advice, you may need to wait until the restrictions are extended before your claim can be progressed (although you can still make a claim in the meantime)

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