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Don't worry, it's quick and easy for you to tell us your Virgin Money Credit Card has been stolen and request a replacement.  There is no need to call us, the quickest and easiest way is in our mobile app.

How to report your card stolen and request a replacement in the app:
• Tap the card image at the top of the screen
• Select "Report card lost or stolen"
• Select the option "I think my card has been stolen"

Follow the instructions on screen to check your transactions to make sure you recognise them.
• If you don't recognise the transactions you'll be directed to give us a call from the app
• If you're happy the transactions are genuine, you'll need to confirm your address.
• If your address is incorrect, you'll be asked to contact us via the app
• If your address is correct, tap to confirm and you'll see "it's on its way" your card will arrive in 7-10 working days, the app will be updated with your new card details within 24 hours.

Don't have our app?
Please contact us so we can freeze your card and arrange to send you a replacement.

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