You must accept all of the new Terms if you’d like to continue using your Virgin Money and or Virgin Atlantic Credit Card.

If you’re not happy with the changes, you have the option to close your account at any time. You can request to close your account by completing our online form.

If you wish to close your account and you've been using your credit card to pay monthly or annual subscriptions (such as TV packages, or insurance)  you'll need to make other arrangements. To avoid any unnecessary charges from your suppliers, we suggest you get in touch with them. These payments will no longer be processed once your account is closed.

Please note you can only close your account if your balance is zero. If there is still a balance to pay on your account, please arrange to pay off this balance and any outstanding interest due, you can do this in the Virgin Money Credit Card app. Or if require a refund because your account is in credit, this will need to be processed before the account can be closed.  We can return the exact amount you are in credit to your bank account via our app.

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